Best Multi-Platform Code/Text Editor

On a daily basis I am switching between Linux, Windows and Mac OS. I have found it frustrating using different code or text editors on each. In the past I have used NotePad++ (windows) and Vim (Linux + OS X). At the moment I am trialling Atom.

Atom Text Editor

Atom Text Editor

Atom is an open source cross platform text/code editor developed by GitHub. It has themes and packages that make software development quick and easy in any programming language.


There are literally hundreds of themes to choose from however I like the One Dark UI theme and syntax highlighting combo. Code Editor


I have a few packages installed that make python code editing very simple. The main packages I use are:

  • Platform IDE Terminal
  • Autocomplete Python
  • Linter pycodestyle



So far Atom is meeting all my requirements and being open source and free puts it above Sublime.


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